Croagh Patrick

For anyone who enjoys hikes in Ireland, Croagh Patrick is a must-do. Famous for the pilgrimage walk that takes place on Reek Sunday every year, which is the last Sunday in July.  This attracts tens of thousands every year and many do the hike in their bare feet (although this is not advised, it can be challenging at times with a lot of loose rock and ground).The mountain is 764 meters (2,507 ft) high and on a clear day, you have a fantastic view of Clew Bay. There is a small chapel at the summit of the mountain.

For an average person, it would take about 2 hours to climb and a bit less to descend the mountain.

The start of the climb is about 8km outside of Westport. Westport is a great town so if you have a bit to travel, I recommend you book a place to stay in Westport.

There is a large car park at the base of Croagh Patrick (53.779618, -9.640008) although it can be busy during the peak season.  The location of the car park is shown below along with some photos, enjoy the challenge!


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